Tuesday, 27 March 2018


For months now I have been in a "Gig-less Phase" and so far it has been a horrible experience for me as a drummer. I do practise at home with my pads every day but it still doesn't give me the feeling and joy I get when I play on a Gig.

I don't know how long it's gonna be but I really do want it to end. I feel like I am slowly drifting away from the one thing I know how to do best, the one thing that gives me joy and being away from it kinda makes me sick Lol.

Every morning I wake up with questions in my head and the two questions that comes up is (1) why am I Gig-less?: Does being Gig-less have to do with the fact that I am introverted?, does it have to do with having no musical instrumentalist as friends?, being in the wrong environment?, taking the small/free Gigs for granted?, not skillful enough?(Lol I'm good, I know it), not showing enough interest? Or no musical connections? And (2) How do I get pass this Phase?

I really don't know the answer to this questions. I really dont.

But looking at the bright side, I do have enough time to practise, learn new things, work on my self as a drummer and also believe that soon the
opportunity is gonna come and i'm gonna nail it Lol(i believe I am)

Till then I am just gonna be patient and try to put my introverted a** out there and hope for the best.

And if you have been in the "Gig-less Phase" like I call it, i'd like to know how you broke through.



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