Saturday, 30 December 2017

Girls On The Instrument

Lol. It's a feeling i truly can't explain. I happen to be a huge fan of the football genius. The way he plays is amazing. The skills, the assist, the dribbles, the goals and the awards/trophies shows how good he is but this post is not about him but about the beautiful girl drummers all around the world.

All my life i grew up making music with mostly guys and i am sure most guys did too, so watching a girl jam crazily to a song for the first time was new to me and at the same time pretty cool.

It's kinda hard to see girl drummers or instrumentalist, especially here in Nigeria but with the few i have seen, i can proudly say it has been an honor watching them do their thing.

Today is not a girl drummers day but a day i had choose to appreciate the girls, ladies and women who choose to play the instrument and make beautiful music. Be it the drums, keyboard, saxophone, bass guitar etc, it doesn't matter, what matters is that they are beautiful and amazingly good at what they do.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017

We All Deserve A Good Gig

There's nothing a drummer wants more than a good gig. Be it a studio Gig, a touring gig, a church gig, or the regular gig at a bar, every drummer wants a gig. As a newbie or a drummer who hasn't gotten enough recognition yet, we tend to take any gig that comes our way, not minding if the gig pays or not, we just want to play, build network and hope/pray that by doing what we do, we get the recognition and the gigs we deserve as drummers.

Getting the gig is one thing. Getting a call back is another.

There are two things that get you the gigs:
1) Your skill
2) Your personality

These two things work hand in hand to get you the gigs you want and deserve. Having a great personality or being skillful alone won't get you the gigs. You need the two.

So as drummers and musicians that we all are, we need to remind ourselves that:


Friday, 22 December 2017

Four (4) Different Style Of Play Used By Drummers

Some love it cool, others love it loud. Some love playing for a long time, others short time. Some can keep it simple without applying roll and fills around the drum kit, others can't.

We are all different and can't play and groove the same way, lol we can't, so It's our work as drummers to know who we are and what works for us.

So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the  four different style of play used by drummers (My version Lol):

1) Simple play..., Clean rolls

2) Simple Play..., Scattered Rolls

3) Loud Play..., Clean Rolls

4) Loud Play..., Scattered Rolls


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Different Phases In A Drummer's Life

Drummers do go through lot of Phases in their lives to get to the peak of their career as musicians/instrumentalist. Sacrifices are made, good and bad decisions are also made but the passion and love for what they do keeps them tight in the game.

There are three(3) Phases in a drummer's life, which I am familiar with and they are:

Angry/Mad Phase: No gigs, forgot the sticks at home, bad drum pedals, no pay, sitting on a chair instead of a throne, your girl cheating on you with the bass player, being broke, no call backs.

Hope/Faith Phase: With love, passion, commitment, consistency, hard work, we pray and hope for a better tomorrow.

Happiness Phase: Gigs, more Gigs, a new drum kit. Travelling around the world doing what you love the most. Love and support from family and friends.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

My Romantic Relationship With The Drums

*We started as friends, watched you go on tour with other Guys(drummers). I kept my calm and then

*We became friends with benefits. I played you in exchange for anything you had to offer like free gigs, food, connections etc and then

*I became your side Guy(drummer). For what its worth, it was kinda a good place to be. Lol, at least i took the place of the main guy sometimes and finally

*I became the main Guy(drummer).



Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Drummers On The Red Carpet

You all know the question "what are you wearing" is one of the most asked questions on the red carpet and it's a question that requires a good analysis on the cloths and shoes you have on and also it's designers.

What if the event was a drummer's event and instead of being asked "what are you wearing", you are asked "what are you drumming".

In case you thinking of an answer, do not worry about that, I do have the perfect answer for you. Lol

You are welcome


Saturday, 9 December 2017

How To Make A Drummer Keep It Simple

Lol. I don't know about y'all but one of the surest ways to make a drummer keep it simple on the drum kit is to invite him for a studio session, especially if he or she is recording for a studio album. If there are other ways I'd love to know.


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Drummers Going Off Beat.

Lol. We all make mistakes but as drummers we ain't allowed to make one, especially when on a Gig coz every stroke, rolls and fills must follow a certain beat/tempo.

Going too fast or slow on a song can affect us as drummers, making us look like amateur players even if you are a pro drummer, changing the director's/singers  mind on calling you back for a Gig and also making people second guess your true worth as a drummer.

And that is why it's really  important for you and i to master our craft, practice alone and with the band regularly and also try to keep things as simple as possible when on a Gig.

We are all humans not machines lol, mistakes are bound to happen and when it does, as pro drummers that we all are lol, we get back into the game like nothing ever happened.



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