Sunday, 26 November 2017

Apply The Rudiments

First i am going to ask, WHAT'S THE POINT?

Yeah.....what's the point of:
*Having an idea if you not going to execute
*Watching drum videos(lessons) if you not going to practice and apply what you learnt
*Practicing all 40 rudiments perfectly and not applying a single one on the drum kit.

Nobody is going to know how good you rolls are, how amazing your fills are or how crazy your dynamics are if we don't see you apply them on the drum kit.

You get better by playing i.e putting every rudiments, rolls and fills into use.

It feels good to be able to practice those rudiments perfectly, you also feel better knowing you can apply those rudiments on the drum kit but the best feeling is actually applying them on kit not just to yourself or friends but on a big Gig, show or studio sessions etc.

You don't have to apply all the badass rolling and rudiments lol, with the little you know and the ones you are comfortable with, just put them into good use.



Saturday, 25 November 2017

A Drummer's Imagination

We do all have imaginations and as drummers we've all imagined things. Things that could help boost our careers as drummer, things that could make life easier for us as drummer, things that could make us feel good and proud about being a drummer.

So today we are just going to put our imagination to use and imagine the good, bad and ugly things that could come from being a drummer.

Here's mine:

Lol. Crazy right?!!! Yeah. 

What's yours? I would love to know.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

5 Moments Only Drummers Would Understand

1) LOL. I would be worried too if i wasn't a drummer.

2) We all need this kind of director in our lives. Lolz

3) Lol. This is the excuse i'd give if i can't handle a 4- 6 toms drum-kit. 

4) Lmao. Seriously!!!! so i'm just gonna wait while the others play.

5) Lolzz. Most of us don't. Its not about the sticks tho but about who is handling the sticks.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Every musical instrumentalist has a unique nickname. A name that makes them stand out from everyone else. A name that shows they are musical instrumentalist without you asking. A name that makes them feel like a pro. A name that makes them feel proud about being a musical instrumentalist.

I don't personally have one(not all instrumentalist have nicknames) but I have come across instrumentalist with crazy and funny nicknames and I realised there is a certain pattern to giving yourself a nickname as an instrumentalist.

There is a golden rule that must be followed : To have a unique nickname the instrument you play must come before and after your name( Lol I guess you all know that).

Here is an example or an idea on different instruments and different examples of unique nicknames:




Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Crazy Pep Talk

LOL. To avoid stories that touch, this are  CRAZY PEP TALK  you don't tell a drummer.

1) Break A Leg: Just like the meme above, you don't tell a drummer to break a leg. I know you only wishing us good luck but if the leg is destroyed what can the drummer do?  Lol NOTHING.

2) I Know You Going To Nail It: Lol did you just say nail it, like "NAIL" it. I reserve my comment or do you see drummers go around with nails? I guess not. Lol.

3) You Can Do It: With enough practice YES I CAN. With no practice PROBABLY NOT(its gonna be bad)

4) You The Best In The World: I know, i know, i know. Nobody can take that from me. I have been the best since when i was a kid.     

5) Play Like Its Your Last: Lol excuse me, its not my last, i still have a big Gig this night. God bless.



Saturday, 18 November 2017

Be Grateful, Be Thankful

I remember as a kid, there is this song we do sing before we start eating our meal. This song also served as  a prayer. It goes thus: Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat, glory be to thee oh lord.

Back then as kids we really didn't give meaning or understood the song really well, all we knew was we had to sing the song coz the teacher said so or coz it was the right thing to do before eating our meal.

Singing this song made us grateful for the gift of life, grateful coz we have food to eat, grateful for the ability to eat the food without any kind of problem. So we sang the song in appreciation to the good things in our life and to how grateful and thankful we are.

So today as drummers we are going to show appreciation, show gratitude for the good things by singing our own version of the song

It goes thus:



Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Guys On The Keys

LOL.  At one point in our lives as drummers, i am sure we've all come across this kind of keyboardist. The moment the singer comes up with the first song, they start looking for the right key, playing from f to c# to f# to d# to k# even to z# until they find the key that suit the singer and when the singer switch to a song they don't know, they start all over again looking for the right keys.

What are pros and cons of playing with this special set of keyboardist.

*They kinda kill the vibe: Lol bro i need you, so please speed up with the search.

*It weakens the guys on the drums: Looking for the right keys on every song, come on bro, i know you a beginner but come on.

*Its not a one man job: Lol bro we are in this together, looking for the keys while i keep the flow going all alone wasn't the plan man. Be fast about the search. Lol.

*Patience: Waiting for the guys to find the keys, waiting for the singer to start the songs after talking for 30 minutes, waiting for the engineers to fix the bad speakers etc. We all need patience.

*Victory: You know the smile on your face the moment you get what you'd always wanted after the struggle and hustle, yeah, that's how drummers feel when they guys on the keys finally get the keys

*Two heads better than one: Lol. We need each other. I'm sure you know that.



Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Just A Little Innovation

It's not  just drumming alone but being innovative in every aspect of our lives. Starting from the way we do the small things to doing the big ones. Doing crazy stuff, doing things differently, doing things that might probably not work.

Like adding a little drop of super to make it super fantastic, adding a little drop of really to make your work or art really cool or adding a little drop of wow to get peopled wooooooowed at your work.

Just being a little innovative and creative makes you and i stand out.




Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Today i'm going to combine two ideas (football & drums) and see what i can make of it. I'm a huge football fan and it has always been one of my fascinations (No 3 on my fascination list). Drums is still remains my No 1 fascination.

Football: Its a great sport that consist of 10 players and a goal keeper reaching a total of 11 players. Their job is to kick the ball from one half of the field to the other with the aim of netting a goal and also going home with a win.

Band: Its a great music group that consist of singers and instrumentalist.
Their job is the create good music with the aim of entertaining its audience.

Football teams has always been known for their use of formations to help the team achieve a win. Formations that includes 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 4-3-3. 3-4-3 etc but today i'll be using 3-4-3 i.e 3-defenders, 4-midfielders and 3-forwards.

Bands don't use formations but i'll be using the 3-4-3 formation, for the bands, substituting the defenders, midfielders and forwards for singers and instrumentalist.

This is what we get:

LOL. Now we know who keeps the band from harm's way. 



Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Letter To Lead Singers


                                            A LETTER TO ALL THE LEAD SINGERS

Dear Lead Singers,

                         Hope you all doing well. I write this letter from the depth of my heart as a drummer to tell you how angry i am for leaving a pro-drummer like myself frustrated on the drums, i mean a "pro-drummer" not just any kind. You are a fine singer with a beautiful voice, fine but what's the point of coming up with the best of songs if you ain't going to follow the beautiful beats laid down by my humble self.    

                         Drummers are the the pulse of the band, we serve you with the best of beats, we determine the pace of the songs and all you could do is go off key not once but five times in a row. WOW. To show how tired i am of you going off key, i am going to give you reasons why i get frustrated when you go off key.
(1)It makes me look bad. What if i can't come back or decide not to come back to that beat you pushed me off. What If?
(2)It kinda kills the fun.
(3)I am the one making the beats and you are busy doing the job of the drummer by setting the pace of the songs, going off key at the time it suits you the most.
(4)It affects at my style of play, making me loose focus/interest on the songs
(5)It weakens me.

                         I know you going to say i am a pro-drummer and i am able and capable of turning this situations(going off key) of yours into heaven, not today. I hope this rant, oh sorry, letter of mine meets you well and i pray you change your ways and learn to accept and follow the beats offered to you by a pro-drummer.

                                                                                                  Yours Sincerely




Saturday, 11 November 2017

What Fascinates You

As far as i can remember, drums has always been my number one fascination and with that drive and zeal, i started playing the drums at a young age (year 1 to be precise, lol) and it has been a crazy journey, full of ups and downs, gigs and no gigs, call backs and no call backs, free gigs and paid gigs, bad days and good days, bad drum kit and good drum kit, good band mates and the annoying ones but what kept me and i'm sure kept you going is the passion you have for the thing(s) you do.

You may have the same fascination you've always had as a kid or a new one, it doesn't matter. As long as you are able to DO, to put those fascinations into action, to try new things, to reverse engineer you passion, good things are sure coming way (looking for the perfect motivational words to put there lol).

What fascinates you? and are you willing to DO.




Drum Clinic

What is a clinic? A clinic is a healthcare facility that is primarily focused on the care of outpatients.

What is a drum clinic? A drum clinic is a dynamics facility that is primarily focused on the care of drummers.

We are all advised to go for medical checkup once in a while to check our health status, to make sure we are healthy and not housing any form of diseases, to learn one or two things about our body and how we can take full care of  the body.

Its all the same with the drum clinic. We go in for drum checkup to learn a few things about the drums, to solve the issues we are facing on the drums, to learn from the professionals, to learn few tactics on how we can improve as a drummer.

*Low speed count
*Weak rolls
*Broken stick virus (Bsv)
*Anxiety or fear before a big Gig
*Bad  practice routine

                                                 VISIT A DRUM CLINIC TODAY



Thursday, 9 November 2017

Value The Notes

I have been playing drums for a long time(not to long tho) and i can say that its kinda hard to find a music director that knows the in and out of the instruments you play, be it the drums, keyboard, bass or the sax. Most music director don't care if you playing the right note, as long as what you are playing is in tune with the music, then they are cool and as long as you not making any mistakes too, they are cool. Personally in my journey through the world of drums i'd never met one, until recently i came across this music director that happened to know the in and out of the drums and this happened between us:

LOL. I'm not complaining but sir is it really necessary, i mean, i can play what you want and the same time not follow the notes, fills and rudiments you asking for. If you come across a music director that knows the instrument you play and you start complaining like me, chances are you don't know what you are doing on the drums. In my journey i'd also figured out that every single stroke and rolls you play has a purpose and you just don't jam because you sound or feel good.

The quarter note(1/4), the eighth note(8th), the sixteenth note(16th) and the thirty-two note(32nd) matters.

If you dedicate your time to study, practice and execute every note properly, you are sure to improve as a drummer.



Crazy Facts

A fact is a truth known by actual experience and observation; something known to be true. Being on the drums for a while now i can say there are truths and observations common among every drummer.

These facts are not 100% true, just my thoughts and imaginations. Lol

1) 80% of drummers started from the church. A solid foundation for most drummers if i may say. Some still play for their church, others don't.

2) 70% of drummers started playing from the age of 2-3 years (Lol, the number never change). Most drummers don't admit playing the drums from their teens or early 20s (don't know why) but it doesn't matter when you started, if you are good, you are good.

3) 90% of the drums you play on ain't yours. Lol i guess you know this. No drummer carries his personal drums to a gig, no one.

4) As a drummer you nod your head and tap your foot to every music, no matter how fast or slow the beat is.

5) 60% of packaging + 40% of skills gets you 100% playing gigs.

6) If you can do it with your mouth, you can do it on the instrument. (Lol, more like a motivational speech than a fact).




Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Photo Shoot

Most Drummers don't take  photo shot with a complete drum kit  lol. I can't even deny this, because its true. Here are reasons why drummers don't take a photo shot  with a complete drum kit:

1)Hold: drummers need something to hold and that's why they go for options like the sticks, cymbals, pedals etc but not the full kit.

2)Impression: taking a photo shoot with the sticks(not the cymbals) only, kinda give people the impression you are a pro drummer and you ain't here to play.

3)Attention: you are giving the drum kit 80% of the attention the moment you take a photo shoot with the full kit lol. Sharing a photo with a new drum kit, guess who is gonna get my attention,,,,,,,,, you guessed right....... the drum kit.

4)No drum kit: most drummers don't have a drum kit and instead of waiting and looking for the perfect drum to take a pics with, we go with the other options. We use what we have to get what we want.

5)Its not the norm: much people ain't doing it and its kinda hard to find one, so we are just gonna stick to taking pics with the sticks, cymbals or even standing alone.



Your Style, Your Swag

Growing up i watched a lot of drum videos, i still do. I watched videos of drummers who are amazingly good at what they do, drummers like Aaron spears, Tony royster jr, Chris Coleman, Gerald heyward. All of this guys are professionals with lots of Gigs and clinics to their names but one thing that differentiate one from the other is their unique style of play.

They are confident and happy with their own style of play and no matter how good the other guy is, they stick to the style that suits them the most, improving, reverse engineering, practicing and not forgetting to be themselves when on the drums.

Same goes for you and i. Learning from other drummers is cool but trying to imitate every move and style they use doesn't make you original. Just because he starts a roll with a triplet doesn't mean you have too. If the only roll you know is the double stroke roll, keep doing it until you learn something new. Just relax and enjoy your unique style of play. No matter how good or bad you are, you can  never play like the other guy. Even if you jamming to the same groove, something is sure going to be different.

Just do you.



Monday, 6 November 2017

The Pedals


LOL. There is a quote that says man plans, God laughs but in this case we would say drummer plans, drum pedal laughs. At a point in our life as drummers we've come across situations like this and i can tell from several experience that its not something you'd wish on yourself or a fellow drummer. Having the pedal fail at the middle of a song would be the worst break up of all time, no girl can beat that lol. 

This is how you solve the problems of the pedals when playing on a gig:

(1)Floor tom: With immediate effect the floor tom becomes the substitute for the bass drum(thanks to the pedal). Since you can't bounce on the song and your band mates like that, you have no other option than to substitute and wait till the pedal get fixed.

(2)Extra: If you have an extra, which doesn't happen often, consider yourself a lucky child, because no pedal can take your shine lol.

(3)Beg: You stylishly beg the singer(with your eyes) to reduce the minutes. If it was a 10 minutes song, the moment the drum pedal fails, it becomes a 3 minutes song.

(4)Fix it: At this point you don't care if the song is still on or not just stand up, look for a corner and deal with the pedals lol.

(5)Sound check: To avoid using the first 4 solutions, make sure you do a proper sound check of all the parts of the drum kit before playing, to avoid stories that touch.


Game Of Thrones

Game of thrones is one of the best tv show to have graced the world of television. A series full of passion, twist, intrigues, love and hate. A series about kings and queens from the seven kingdoms fighting to sit on the iron throne. You can tell from this little hyping i did that i am a big fan of the tv show but as much as i love this show, as a drummer there is only one throne that matters to me and other drummers(maybe). A throne worth fighting for,  a throne that makes me the ruler over 7 kingdoms: Hi-hat, snare, cymbals, toms, floor toms, bass drum and the sticks.  The throne that blesses its people with beats full of rhythms and dynamics, the throne that when sat on by a great ruler can make its people dance with joy. Ladies and Gentlemen i present to you the only throne worth fighting for:


NB: For those who ain't drummers, a drum sit is called a Throne.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Appreciate The Guys With The Sticks

In the land of music, and a time of great musicians, the destiny of great bands rest on the shoulders of young men........

Their names:

What i'm tying to says is, bands really sucks without them. So make sure you take the time to appreciate the drummer(s) in your band.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Moment Of Truth

Lol i can so relate with this meme. This is what i call the moment of truth. At this point nothing else matters, not the band, the audience, the girl i'm trying to impress with my crazy skills or the music itself  or maybe they do matter too 😄. At this point i just wanna play. I just want to smoothly and amazingly apply all the rudiments, rolls and fills i'd practiced for weeks. I just want to create an art full of rhythms and dynamics. This is not an opportunity to show off but to see how far i have come as a drummer and to impress myself and maybe the fine girl sitting in the front roll. 😆 i sight you girl.
This is just me being grateful for the opportunities and praying for moment of truth like this.

If Drumming Was A Sport

If drumming was a sport i bet you its sure going to be crazy and different. Imagine sitting in a stadium full of drums fanatic waiting to see two drummer play against each other. Drummers call it shed but since we imagining it being  a sport we going to call it a  drum match. So lets grab a drink, sit and listen to what the commentators have to say about the match of the season. 😄

Commentator 1: its a beautiful day here in dynamics stadium and we are here to witness the match of all time between two successful club  DW drums and YAMAHA drums.

Commentator 2: Yes  i agree with you, this is the greatest match of all time and lets also not forget the star players in each club. They have really done well for their club, breaking both club records and individual records.

Commentator 1: Yes. Yes and talking about star players i think jay has really done well for his club DW. Last time he played did a lot of riding and crashing on the cymbals non-stop for more than 10 minutes. That's huge.

Commentator 2: Yeah i agree with you but i also feel dave have been phenomenal this season for his club YAMAHA. Setting a record of standing all through the Gig 😄 i'm talking about a two hour drum Gig. Now i think that's more than huge.


Friday, 3 November 2017

Rudiments 1 vs 40

This for guys like me that don't practice much but want to do some amazingly crazy stunts on the drums. Yeah we don't want to walk, we think flying is better but today we going to motivate our selves to doing the right thing but before that lets bow our heads in prayer. Make sure you personalize it.

Repeat after me:



I really can't really remember all i was taught on this subject called chemistry, so i really can't say much on the subject but the chemistry i'd be talking about is the one i see between drummers and keyboardist. As a drummer i can do without the bassist, the saxophonist or any other instrumentalist but the keyboardist....... hell no(maybe sometimes 😏). You know there is this big relieve or should i say satisfaction that comes from jamming with one.

 So i'm going to make a crazy list on why drummers and keyboardist do have some kind of chemistry.
1)Pro drummers don't really need the shield of a keyboardist but an amateur drummer like myself 😏 we sometimes do. We  use the keyboardist to  hide our little mistakes 😛

2)We kinda play confidently be it a pro or a beginner the moment we have the keyboardist on our side

3)Playing a  particular jazz music or any other genre alone is good but doing the same jazz music with the keyboardist sounds better.

4)The moment you jam with a bad keyboardist, i don't care if you are a pro drummer or not, its going to affect the way you play. The chemistry reaction is going to be bad 😓

5)A bad or good keyboardist it doesn't really matter, as long as we drummers have the guys on keys to jam with, we're cool. 

This is just me putting down my crazy thought, don't take it too serious. Life too short not to jam with a good or bad keyboardist 😄

Thursday, 2 November 2017


I'd be talking about patience and i think some of us drummers lack that  boo in our life called patience, especially when on a Gig. You know that moment you practice an amazingly cool rudiment, rolls and fills and smoothly apply them on the kit at home or where ever you practice..... you know that moment right!!!!!! yeah i do but you just couldn't wait to show off to your band mates and few seconds not even minute ooo into the song, you already dropping fills and rolls everywhere, leaving your band mates, singer and the audience confused 😕. There is time for everything. Time to keep it simple and the time to show yourself. Time to keep the roll simple and time to apply all the triplets and diddles you know but what do i know. This is me advising myself and praying to be a little bit patience and just relax and play.

You Get Better By Playing

You get better by playing. I do remember playing to anything playable, be it a fast or slow song, as long as i was creating a beat i was cool. At a point in my life as a drummer i was Gig less. Nobody was calling me for a gig, no musical friends and being an introvert i just couldn't step out and go look for a church or person in need of a drummer(they call it the comfort zone). I was stuck at home but you know what, that didn't stop me from playing. Playing what exactly? your guess is as right as mine........ "Chairs and Pillows". Sad right 😐, yeah i know.  I played those guys to the point they looked so unrecognizable. Still that didn't stop me from playing coz i knew this was just a temporary phase in my life and i  knew i was going to  pass through it one way or the other. I played and played and played. I practiced the rudiment, played every fills and rolls i could think of even though the chairs and pillows weren't tuned enough to give me the sound i needed, i played and when the opportunity came after being Gig less, guess what? I nailed it. I killed it. I broke a leg. I did a lot of  things 😄. Errrm what i am saying is YOU GET BETTER BY PLAYING.

Introverted Drummer

↓😃😄 I  just had to smile because i don't really know what am i doing here. Just trying to give blogging a shot and see if its going to impress me 😆. I am a drummer, musician, entrepreneur and a drum-preneur and most importantly i am an introvert 😎. I am just going to wait for this blog to use me to share my truth, process and journey as an introverted drummer. I hope you join me 😃


Every drummer, every musical instrumentalist has had his or her best and worst moments in their career as a professional musician. I am sure...