Sunday, 17 June 2018


Every drummer, every musical instrumentalist has had his or her best and worst moments in their career as a professional musician. I am sure you've all (maybe not all) had moments like that. Moments that changed your life as a drummer, moments that made you think twice about playing the drums on a professional level, moments that ruined the relationship you had with your band mates, moments that made you love your life as a drummer and moments that made you make hard and difficult choices as a drummer.

Like I said we've all had our best  and worst moments as drummers, so today I am going to list out my top three (3) best and worst moments so far in my life as a drummer.

Let's start with the worst.


*Being Underestimated: I grew up playing in the church (I still do) and no matter how good you think you are, there are still people in the band or crew who thinks you still aren't good enough to play the big shows. They give you the small Gigs but when it's time to play the big ones they invite someone else, an outsider to play. Watching someone else take your place can be humiliating at times and can also lower your ranking as a drummer (where I come from drummers do get ranked Lol). No one wants a drummer who gets
replaced all the time. No one.

*Bad Drum Parts: There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than having the drum parts (drum pedal, bass drum, snare and toms etc.) fail you at the middle of a big Gig, I mean a big Gig. I know it's really important for drummers to do proper sound check before a Gig but things like this just happens and when it happens it's either you have an extra part (lucky you) or you don't  (you're  screwed). When moments (bad drum parts) like this happen all I do is play. I can't quit just like that, I keep playing till the end of the Gig.

*No Chemistry: Ever been in a band where everyone is trying to do his or her thing. A band with no tactics or formation (I watch a lot of football)? Band mates that don't believe in practising but feel they can do it all because they think or feel like they are the best in the world? Band mates with no relationship amongst each other? Yes I have and what makes this moment more interesting is the band mates trying to tell you what to play, how to play and when to play. It's crazy and funny coz you get to see the other band mates in his or her worst behaviour especially if you aren't playing what they want. Amazing isn't it. Lol.


*Not Just a Band But Friends and Family: You know what's amazing? Being on tour with guys that has your back any time, any day. Guys that enjoy and love music as much as you do. Playing Gigs with guys that love what they do and take their work as a professional musician seriously. Playing with not just your band mates but guys who you have grown to love as friends. Having musical friends and family can be one of the best moments in one's life as a drummer or musical instrumentalist (it has been for me). You aren't always going to play with the same guys always but there is nothing better than having your guys hook you up with Gigs or having them them support or push you to become a better player than you were yesterday. Having guys
like this can be one of the best moment for you as a drummer, like it has been for me.

*The First Big Pay: I don't know about you but having my first big pay was cool. It was not just any big pay but a big pay that lead to another big pay. Being paid well shows that drummers and musical instrumentalist can make a fortune doing what they love. You aren't always going to have the big pay all the time (it's not a fixed salary) but knowing your worth as a drummer can be a very good thing.

*Making My Passion My Profession: I am sure we've all heard the "make your passion your profession and work becomes play" quote and as we all know it's easier said than done. We live in a society where making your "passion your profession" can be difficult especially if it's not paying the bills. So far people have taken side jobs and also try to work patiently on their talents while praying and hoping for a big break. It won't be easy but when we get to the point where doing the work we love not only pay the bills but also let us live the life we've always dreamed of, then we will enjoy every moment of it. It's possible, I know it is. Making my passion my profession
has also been one of the best moment in my life and I know it can be yours too.

Like I said earlier we've all had the best and the worst moments and I would so much love to hear some of your bad and worst moments as a drummer
and a musician.



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