Sunday, 29 July 2018


A close friend of mine who also happens to be a drummer like myself came over to my place and asked if he could lend my drum pad for a week. I told him i didn't have one for now and showed him what i use to get my groove going as a drummer.

This is my home made drum kit. All i did was look around me, use what i could find and make a drum kit for myself.

Note; This is just temporary until i get myself a drum pad. LOL.

Click here to watch me put my home made drum kit together and groove a little.


Tuesday, 17 July 2018


I have read a lot of articles on getting Gigs and how "networking" should be the number one medium at which you get yourself the Gigs you want. Meeting new people, working with the big guys in the music industry, doing free stuff to get the attention and trust of this guys, playing free gigs and trying as much as possible to create different connections are some of the networking moves needed to get the Gigs.

And as you all know there are two ways to market a product : (1) word of mouth (2) social media/online marketing. Same applies here in getting a Gig as a drummer.

Networking like I listed above gets you the "word of mouth"(people connecting you and your brand with other people. People saying good stuff about you and how amazing you are on the drum kit etc) and when used by the right people (influencers) can get you the gigs you want. Also, thanks to "social media" you are also able to put yourself out there, build a tribe and get a lot of gigs depending on how good your contents are.

Personally both ways ain't working for me and it sucks.

 I enjoyed a little bit of "word of mouth" while playing in the church as a teenager and as time went by It all stopped. While I was enjoying the "word of mouth" I had at that time, I was also wasting the little opportunity I had to play. I took the small gigs for granted and also didn't build a solid relationship with other musical instrumentalists (thanks to me being an introvert).

Using social media to boost myself didn't work either. I mean how do I get to upload videos if they ain't any drums to use due to the having no gigs. How do people get to know how amazing I am on the drums if they don't see me play.

This might be a huge problem for me but one thing I know is that in every problem there is a solution which will definitely lead to an opportunity.

I don't know if there are other ways from the ones listed above but if there is one, I just need to find it and make something meaningful out of it and if there ain't any other way then I just need to reinvent and reverse engineer the ways listed above and look for other angles in solving my problem as a Gig less drummer Lol.



I was hanging out with a friend of mine who happens to be a drummer like myself and we talked about the music industry. We talked about the ...