Friday, 3 November 2017


I really can't really remember all i was taught on this subject called chemistry, so i really can't say much on the subject but the chemistry i'd be talking about is the one i see between drummers and keyboardist. As a drummer i can do without the bassist, the saxophonist or any other instrumentalist but the keyboardist....... hell no(maybe sometimes 😏). You know there is this big relieve or should i say satisfaction that comes from jamming with one.

 So i'm going to make a crazy list on why drummers and keyboardist do have some kind of chemistry.
1)Pro drummers don't really need the shield of a keyboardist but an amateur drummer like myself 😏 we sometimes do. We  use the keyboardist to  hide our little mistakes 😛

2)We kinda play confidently be it a pro or a beginner the moment we have the keyboardist on our side

3)Playing a  particular jazz music or any other genre alone is good but doing the same jazz music with the keyboardist sounds better.

4)The moment you jam with a bad keyboardist, i don't care if you are a pro drummer or not, its going to affect the way you play. The chemistry reaction is going to be bad 😓

5)A bad or good keyboardist it doesn't really matter, as long as we drummers have the guys on keys to jam with, we're cool. 

This is just me putting down my crazy thought, don't take it too serious. Life too short not to jam with a good or bad keyboardist 😄

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