Thursday, 9 November 2017

Crazy Facts

A fact is a truth known by actual experience and observation; something known to be true. Being on the drums for a while now i can say there are truths and observations common among every drummer.

These facts are not 100% true, just my thoughts and imaginations. Lol

1) 80% of drummers started from the church. A solid foundation for most drummers if i may say. Some still play for their church, others don't.

2) 70% of drummers started playing from the age of 2-3 years (Lol, the number never change). Most drummers don't admit playing the drums from their teens or early 20s (don't know why) but it doesn't matter when you started, if you are good, you are good.

3) 90% of the drums you play on ain't yours. Lol i guess you know this. No drummer carries his personal drums to a gig, no one.

4) As a drummer you nod your head and tap your foot to every music, no matter how fast or slow the beat is.

5) 60% of packaging + 40% of skills gets you 100% playing gigs.

6) If you can do it with your mouth, you can do it on the instrument. (Lol, more like a motivational speech than a fact).




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