Thursday, 2 November 2017


I'd be talking about patience and i think some of us drummers lack that  boo in our life called patience, especially when on a Gig. You know that moment you practice an amazingly cool rudiment, rolls and fills and smoothly apply them on the kit at home or where ever you practice..... you know that moment right!!!!!! yeah i do but you just couldn't wait to show off to your band mates and few seconds not even minute ooo into the song, you already dropping fills and rolls everywhere, leaving your band mates, singer and the audience confused 😕. There is time for everything. Time to keep it simple and the time to show yourself. Time to keep the roll simple and time to apply all the triplets and diddles you know but what do i know. This is me advising myself and praying to be a little bit patience and just relax and play.

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