Thursday, 9 November 2017

Value The Notes

I have been playing drums for a long time(not to long tho) and i can say that its kinda hard to find a music director that knows the in and out of the instruments you play, be it the drums, keyboard, bass or the sax. Most music director don't care if you playing the right note, as long as what you are playing is in tune with the music, then they are cool and as long as you not making any mistakes too, they are cool. Personally in my journey through the world of drums i'd never met one, until recently i came across this music director that happened to know the in and out of the drums and this happened between us:

LOL. I'm not complaining but sir is it really necessary, i mean, i can play what you want and the same time not follow the notes, fills and rudiments you asking for. If you come across a music director that knows the instrument you play and you start complaining like me, chances are you don't know what you are doing on the drums. In my journey i'd also figured out that every single stroke and rolls you play has a purpose and you just don't jam because you sound or feel good.

The quarter note(1/4), the eighth note(8th), the sixteenth note(16th) and the thirty-two note(32nd) matters.

If you dedicate your time to study, practice and execute every note properly, you are sure to improve as a drummer.



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