Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Your Style, Your Swag

Growing up i watched a lot of drum videos, i still do. I watched videos of drummers who are amazingly good at what they do, drummers like Aaron spears, Tony royster jr, Chris Coleman, Gerald heyward. All of this guys are professionals with lots of Gigs and clinics to their names but one thing that differentiate one from the other is their unique style of play.

They are confident and happy with their own style of play and no matter how good the other guy is, they stick to the style that suits them the most, improving, reverse engineering, practicing and not forgetting to be themselves when on the drums.

Same goes for you and i. Learning from other drummers is cool but trying to imitate every move and style they use doesn't make you original. Just because he starts a roll with a triplet doesn't mean you have too. If the only roll you know is the double stroke roll, keep doing it until you learn something new. Just relax and enjoy your unique style of play. No matter how good or bad you are, you can  never play like the other guy. Even if you jamming to the same groove, something is sure going to be different.

Just do you.



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