Monday, 5 February 2018

The Fancy And The Important Drum Gears

We all love the new, popular, packaged and fancy stuff, who doesn't? It's cool getting the new fancy drum gears but putting so much importance to it and also letting it decide our worth as a drummer isn't cool.

Packaging and swags sometimes gets us the gigs we want but focusing on that alone becomes a problem, because for every gig we get through our swags, fancy gears and packaging, we are tend to pay back with our skills and personality,  and if can't payback, we don't get a call back.

The ultimate goal as drummers is to focus on our skill, confidence, network and personality. If we are able to combine that and add a little bit of packaging to our goals, then more gigs shall be added to the ones we have.

Getting the new (popular, fancy, packaged) gears is cool but not necessarily as cool as the important (skill, confidence, work ethics and a good personality) gears.

FOCUS on the right things and also remember that:

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