Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Crazy Pep Talk

LOL. To avoid stories that touch, this are  CRAZY PEP TALK  you don't tell a drummer.

1) Break A Leg: Just like the meme above, you don't tell a drummer to break a leg. I know you only wishing us good luck but if the leg is destroyed what can the drummer do?  Lol NOTHING.

2) I Know You Going To Nail It: Lol did you just say nail it, like "NAIL" it. I reserve my comment or do you see drummers go around with nails? I guess not. Lol.

3) You Can Do It: With enough practice YES I CAN. With no practice PROBABLY NOT(its gonna be bad)

4) You The Best In The World: I know, i know, i know. Nobody can take that from me. I have been the best since when i was a kid.     

5) Play Like Its Your Last: Lol excuse me, its not my last, i still have a big Gig this night. God bless.



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