Saturday, 4 November 2017

If Drumming Was A Sport

If drumming was a sport i bet you its sure going to be crazy and different. Imagine sitting in a stadium full of drums fanatic waiting to see two drummer play against each other. Drummers call it shed but since we imagining it being  a sport we going to call it a  drum match. So lets grab a drink, sit and listen to what the commentators have to say about the match of the season. 😄

Commentator 1: its a beautiful day here in dynamics stadium and we are here to witness the match of all time between two successful club  DW drums and YAMAHA drums.

Commentator 2: Yes  i agree with you, this is the greatest match of all time and lets also not forget the star players in each club. They have really done well for their club, breaking both club records and individual records.

Commentator 1: Yes. Yes and talking about star players i think jay has really done well for his club DW. Last time he played did a lot of riding and crashing on the cymbals non-stop for more than 10 minutes. That's huge.

Commentator 2: Yeah i agree with you but i also feel dave have been phenomenal this season for his club YAMAHA. Setting a record of standing all through the Gig 😄 i'm talking about a two hour drum Gig. Now i think that's more than huge.


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