Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Guys On The Keys

LOL.  At one point in our lives as drummers, i am sure we've all come across this kind of keyboardist. The moment the singer comes up with the first song, they start looking for the right key, playing from f to c# to f# to d# to k# even to z# until they find the key that suit the singer and when the singer switch to a song they don't know, they start all over again looking for the right keys.

What are pros and cons of playing with this special set of keyboardist.

*They kinda kill the vibe: Lol bro i need you, so please speed up with the search.

*It weakens the guys on the drums: Looking for the right keys on every song, come on bro, i know you a beginner but come on.

*Its not a one man job: Lol bro we are in this together, looking for the keys while i keep the flow going all alone wasn't the plan man. Be fast about the search. Lol.

*Patience: Waiting for the guys to find the keys, waiting for the singer to start the songs after talking for 30 minutes, waiting for the engineers to fix the bad speakers etc. We all need patience.

*Victory: You know the smile on your face the moment you get what you'd always wanted after the struggle and hustle, yeah, that's how drummers feel when they guys on the keys finally get the keys

*Two heads better than one: Lol. We need each other. I'm sure you know that.



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