Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Letter To Lead Singers


                                            A LETTER TO ALL THE LEAD SINGERS

Dear Lead Singers,

                         Hope you all doing well. I write this letter from the depth of my heart as a drummer to tell you how angry i am for leaving a pro-drummer like myself frustrated on the drums, i mean a "pro-drummer" not just any kind. You are a fine singer with a beautiful voice, fine but what's the point of coming up with the best of songs if you ain't going to follow the beautiful beats laid down by my humble self.    

                         Drummers are the the pulse of the band, we serve you with the best of beats, we determine the pace of the songs and all you could do is go off key not once but five times in a row. WOW. To show how tired i am of you going off key, i am going to give you reasons why i get frustrated when you go off key.
(1)It makes me look bad. What if i can't come back or decide not to come back to that beat you pushed me off. What If?
(2)It kinda kills the fun.
(3)I am the one making the beats and you are busy doing the job of the drummer by setting the pace of the songs, going off key at the time it suits you the most.
(4)It affects at my style of play, making me loose focus/interest on the songs
(5)It weakens me.

                         I know you going to say i am a pro-drummer and i am able and capable of turning this situations(going off key) of yours into heaven, not today. I hope this rant, oh sorry, letter of mine meets you well and i pray you change your ways and learn to accept and follow the beats offered to you by a pro-drummer.

                                                                                                  Yours Sincerely




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