Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Photo Shoot

Most Drummers don't take  photo shot with a complete drum kit  lol. I can't even deny this, because its true. Here are reasons why drummers don't take a photo shot  with a complete drum kit:

1)Hold: drummers need something to hold and that's why they go for options like the sticks, cymbals, pedals etc but not the full kit.

2)Impression: taking a photo shoot with the sticks(not the cymbals) only, kinda give people the impression you are a pro drummer and you ain't here to play.

3)Attention: you are giving the drum kit 80% of the attention the moment you take a photo shoot with the full kit lol. Sharing a photo with a new drum kit, guess who is gonna get my attention,,,,,,,,, you guessed right....... the drum kit.

4)No drum kit: most drummers don't have a drum kit and instead of waiting and looking for the perfect drum to take a pics with, we go with the other options. We use what we have to get what we want.

5)Its not the norm: much people ain't doing it and its kinda hard to find one, so we are just gonna stick to taking pics with the sticks, cymbals or even standing alone.



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