Monday, 6 November 2017

The Pedals


LOL. There is a quote that says man plans, God laughs but in this case we would say drummer plans, drum pedal laughs. At a point in our life as drummers we've come across situations like this and i can tell from several experience that its not something you'd wish on yourself or a fellow drummer. Having the pedal fail at the middle of a song would be the worst break up of all time, no girl can beat that lol. 

This is how you solve the problems of the pedals when playing on a gig:

(1)Floor tom: With immediate effect the floor tom becomes the substitute for the bass drum(thanks to the pedal). Since you can't bounce on the song and your band mates like that, you have no other option than to substitute and wait till the pedal get fixed.

(2)Extra: If you have an extra, which doesn't happen often, consider yourself a lucky child, because no pedal can take your shine lol.

(3)Beg: You stylishly beg the singer(with your eyes) to reduce the minutes. If it was a 10 minutes song, the moment the drum pedal fails, it becomes a 3 minutes song.

(4)Fix it: At this point you don't care if the song is still on or not just stand up, look for a corner and deal with the pedals lol.

(5)Sound check: To avoid using the first 4 solutions, make sure you do a proper sound check of all the parts of the drum kit before playing, to avoid stories that touch.


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