Saturday, 11 November 2017

What Fascinates You

As far as i can remember, drums has always been my number one fascination and with that drive and zeal, i started playing the drums at a young age (year 1 to be precise, lol) and it has been a crazy journey, full of ups and downs, gigs and no gigs, call backs and no call backs, free gigs and paid gigs, bad days and good days, bad drum kit and good drum kit, good band mates and the annoying ones but what kept me and i'm sure kept you going is the passion you have for the thing(s) you do.

You may have the same fascination you've always had as a kid or a new one, it doesn't matter. As long as you are able to DO, to put those fascinations into action, to try new things, to reverse engineer you passion, good things are sure coming way (looking for the perfect motivational words to put there lol).

What fascinates you? and are you willing to DO.




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