Thursday, 2 November 2017

You Get Better By Playing

You get better by playing. I do remember playing to anything playable, be it a fast or slow song, as long as i was creating a beat i was cool. At a point in my life as a drummer i was Gig less. Nobody was calling me for a gig, no musical friends and being an introvert i just couldn't step out and go look for a church or person in need of a drummer(they call it the comfort zone). I was stuck at home but you know what, that didn't stop me from playing. Playing what exactly? your guess is as right as mine........ "Chairs and Pillows". Sad right 😐, yeah i know.  I played those guys to the point they looked so unrecognizable. Still that didn't stop me from playing coz i knew this was just a temporary phase in my life and i  knew i was going to  pass through it one way or the other. I played and played and played. I practiced the rudiment, played every fills and rolls i could think of even though the chairs and pillows weren't tuned enough to give me the sound i needed, i played and when the opportunity came after being Gig less, guess what? I nailed it. I killed it. I broke a leg. I did a lot of  things 😄. Errrm what i am saying is YOU GET BETTER BY PLAYING.

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