Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Different Phases In A Drummer's Life

Drummers do go through lot of Phases in their lives to get to the peak of their career as musicians/instrumentalist. Sacrifices are made, good and bad decisions are also made but the passion and love for what they do keeps them tight in the game.

There are three(3) Phases in a drummer's life, which I am familiar with and they are:

Angry/Mad Phase: No gigs, forgot the sticks at home, bad drum pedals, no pay, sitting on a chair instead of a throne, your girl cheating on you with the bass player, being broke, no call backs.

Hope/Faith Phase: With love, passion, commitment, consistency, hard work, we pray and hope for a better tomorrow.

Happiness Phase: Gigs, more Gigs, a new drum kit. Travelling around the world doing what you love the most. Love and support from family and friends.

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