Saturday, 2 December 2017

Drummers Going Off Beat.

Lol. We all make mistakes but as drummers we ain't allowed to make one, especially when on a Gig coz every stroke, rolls and fills must follow a certain beat/tempo.

Going too fast or slow on a song can affect us as drummers, making us look like amateur players even if you are a pro drummer, changing the director's/singers  mind on calling you back for a Gig and also making people second guess your true worth as a drummer.

And that is why it's really  important for you and i to master our craft, practice alone and with the band regularly and also try to keep things as simple as possible when on a Gig.

We are all humans not machines lol, mistakes are bound to happen and when it does, as pro drummers that we all are lol, we get back into the game like nothing ever happened.


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