Tuesday, 26 December 2017

We All Deserve A Good Gig

There's nothing a drummer wants more than a good gig. Be it a studio Gig, a touring gig, a church gig, or the regular gig at a bar, every drummer wants a gig. As a newbie or a drummer who hasn't gotten enough recognition yet, we tend to take any gig that comes our way, not minding if the gig pays or not, we just want to play, build network and hope/pray that by doing what we do, we get the recognition and the gigs we deserve as drummers.

Getting the gig is one thing. Getting a call back is another.

There are two things that get you the gigs:
1) Your skill
2) Your personality

These two things work hand in hand to get you the gigs you want and deserve. Having a great personality or being skillful alone won't get you the gigs. You need the two.

So as drummers and musicians that we all are, we need to remind ourselves that:


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