Friday, 27 April 2018


Today I'll be dishing out facts about this amazing family. A family blessed with beautiful kids, a family that have impacted and invested so much into the music world, a family that have collaborated with other families to create good music, a family blessed with rhythms, rolls, fills, dynamics and rudiments. Ladies and gentle men I introduce you to the DRUM KIT'S FAMILY.

With no further hyping, let's go straight to the fun facts about this family.

*The female drum sticks don't mind you cheating on her with another, as long as the other is in a good shape and makes you happy.

*The beautiful drum pedal with the bad attitude is likely to break your heart, leg and vibe on a big Gig.

*The drum key might be the quite one in the drum kit family but he is always there to tune good rhythms into some of the members when they are out of tune.

*In a complete drum kit's family, the toms and the drum sticks are the only identical twins in the family.

*The cymbals and the bass drums both need each other to finish a roll, fill or dynamics.

*The bass drum is the only one in the drum kit family that doesn't  need the drum sticks to be relevant.

*No matter how high the hat gets, there is always someone in the drum kit family ready to snare him down.

*The drum kit is more likely to survive without the drum sticks but not the drum pedals.

*The closest one to the floor is the bass drum not the floor tom.

*The twins (toms) are the only members of the drum kit family that don't stand alone but depends on the other (bass drum) to stand.

And finally did you know the most beautiful drum kit is futile without the drummer Lol. I guess you already know that.


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